Art from Shelly Beauch and Rose Twofeather

I've been carefully writing down each time I ask someone if I can blog their art, but don't you know--when I went to get it this morning, I couldn't find it anywhere.  I remembered the last few I asked about, but I know there were more.  If I've asked but haven't posted your work, please yell at me.  I want everyone to  see your work!                    

  Pisces                Flowers for Mum
Originally uploaded by Shelly Beauch  

Shelly's done some amazingly creative work with Peacock and Lacy.          

Rose went to town with several of my tangles-- She's used one of my Doguettes and Eggit  and turned Fatkro into a kookoo bird, as well as hi;ighting tree-trunks with Spot. ATC~Trade 

                                                 Originally uploaded by Rose Twofeather

I love this stuff!