My Tangle Patterns: Annet, Tast, Kristy's Crown & Twofeather

I'm feeling in the mood to post tangle patterns today.  It's spring, so I'm feeling good!  I've posted 4 patterns, so I'm going to leave out sample art, and issue a challenge.  Use any of these patterns, post the work somewhere and let me know.  I'll post your work so everyone can see how many ways they can be used.

Lately, I've been getting inspiration from Annet's Fatquater blog and a tangle pattern created by my friend Kristy (aka Rose Twofeather). 

Annet posts these lovely samplers of her stitches.  They are so nice and clear,  I can see all sorts of possibilities for tangle patterns.  Here are two:

The inspiration for Annet is here:   and Tast is here.

 The patterns I've created based on Kristy's lovely 'Thistle's Crown' qualify as variations, and though I've added some twists, I must give credit to Kristy.  Therefore, these two tangles are called:



  1. What a lovely surprise! I'm going to try them, but I'm still better with a needle and thread.

  2. These are spectacular...Can't wait to try them...:)

  3. Thank you both! I can't wait to see what people come up with!

  4. Your zentangle site is such a favorite for me. I always love your tangles and some are so much easier to do than others but all inspires zen creativity nevertheless. I have a special request here: do you have any idea how to untangle the swirl pattern for the topmost picture, page 8, of Sandy's "Totally Tangled" book? I see how much this comes so easily to you and would appreciate your help.

  5. Marie, thank you for your kind comments!

    I can untangle the swirl pattern, and Sandy has graciously agreed to let me explain.

    I think it would be easier with pictures, so let me come up with some drawings, and I'll post them in the next day or so.


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