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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Tangle Patterns: Winerax

While perusing the wonderful art at the Zentangle flickr group I noticed that someone had used one of the tangle patterns I haven't posted yet.   So I figured I'd better post it, lol!

It's one of my favorites.  It's a great pattern for learning more about shading--try increasing and decreasing the amount of dark.  Add more than the two lines.  Leave out the first two steps (the grid) and just start drawing boxes.  See how the look changes when you do these things.

It's also a great tangle for learning how to curve your pattern, and that's why I added the grid.  When you draw the first two steps try curving the lines.  Then draw your boxes following the curves.  


  1. I think that may have been me that had used the tangle...LOL....sure wish I'd had this to read before I tried. Thanks so much for all your tips, Sandra. When I was admiring your gallery in the flickr group this tangle was always one that stood out to me.
    Cheers, Carole

  2. Hello and thank you for your kind comments about my atcs...coming from you it means a lot to me :)

    Your work just gets more Awesome as you continue making these Amazing pieces!! When I think you have outdone yourself...BAM! You make another Awesome piece!! :) Love it!

  3. Carole, I've been meaning to post this one--but I have so many to post!!! But once I saw that there was interest, I decided it should be the next one up. Any time you see a tangle, let me know and I'll either tell you who did it, and where to find it (if I know), or if it's mine, I'll post the instructions.

    Thank you Eclectic.

  4. I think I'll try this pattern, maybe this week.