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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Link to Patterns:Xyp, Kandysnake, Linked & Zendylion

Vicki Murray has posted Tangles to Try at her Wetpaint site.  Check out her Tips, Techniques & Ideas for some great hints on creating Strings.

I should do a post like that.


  1. Gabriel ProductionsMay 16, 2010 at 2:31 PM

    All tips welcome! Just had to write and tell you that my last two tangles have used shadowing. Yup. Never would have gone there without you. I still get shaky just thinking about it and it is a huge hit and miss regardless of all your instructions but you dragged me here and here I intend to stay (at least until I don't quake in terror every time I feel I have to shade something). Humungous thanks!

  2. Thank you! It does my heart good to know that someone is able to use what I've done.

    I just got back from a weekend at the beach, so I'm anxious to see what everyone has been doing!

  3. First time commenter here - I love your blog, it pulls together all the various tangles posted across the web into one handy spot, and your tangles are always interesting also! And, yes you should make a post about strings! Now that I know where I can find plenty of Zentangle patterns, I have trouble coming up with a string to use. :)

  4. Welcome, Elanor!

    I've made the post about strings. Hope it's helpful. I took a slightly different turn than I had originally intended.

    When I first got into zentangling, it was difficult to find patterns. That's one of the reasons I started this blog--to make it easier for everyone. Now, the patterns are shooting up everywhere! I'm hoping I can find them all!