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Monday, May 31, 2010

My tangle pattern: Intersect

I tell ya, I get as excited as a little kid when I realize a truth about patterns.  The gaps of a complex pattern are the secret. 

If you figure out the repetition that occurs around the gaps, you've got the pattern.  Take this interweaving of four triangles.  I spent forever trying to figure out how decide which triangle was on top and how they related.  Now I had been working out the steps for the pattern 'Stoic', which Rick and Maria haven't posted yet, and I suddenly realized this was the same concept. 

I won't lie.  This is still a pattern that takes a little practice.  You have to learn to ignore the triangles, and stay focused on the center.  It's pretty easy once you get the rhythm.

Because it is hard to stop focusing on the triangles, I'm going to write out some instructions.  I'm posting them below the pattern picture, and I recommend you look at it first, and then read only if you find the steps at all confusing, or want an idea of how to break down a similar design.

This pattern only has one gap, and it is a diamond.

A line radiates from one side of the diamond, and you repeat the line on the other three sides. Start at the beginning and add the second set of lines and then the third set.

You could stop here because you have the interweave and it's a nice pattern already. If you want the extra 4 sides, now is the time to remember the trigangles. Find the two sides of one half-triange and use them as a guide to complete the point. Then do the same for the remaining three triangles.

Try to keep the lines from each repetition the same length, but don't sweat it, especially at first. Get comfortable with the pattern before you go for precision, or you'll just end up frustrated.