My tangle pattern: Woggle

I've found this to be the hardest of all the knots I've done so far.  Hopefully, you will have an easier time of it. 

Tips: Study all the steps before beginning.  If you know what's coming, you will space your circles and triangles well and you'll have much better luck.

Even though I've noted a direction for the loop sections, I recommend trying them both ways, and going with what works for you. 

Try turning your page after each loop section so you aren't trying to figure out how to do the section backwards or upside down as you progress around the circle.

Be sure to color in the triangles before starting the loop sections (at least until you are comfortable with the pattern).  The triangles will disappear, among the lines otherwise, and make it harder for you to stay oriented.

Practice first.  If you are having trouble, don't try more than 3 times before allowing at least 1/2 hour to pass.  You can actually teach yourself to draw things incorrectly if you keep repeating a mistake.  The time lets your brain refresh, and keeps your frustration level down. 

Enjoy! (and that's the most importand tip of all. )  I hope this is the only tip you'll need!