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Thursday, July 8, 2010

My tangle pattern: O-Neg & variations

How do you know when you've been watching too many vampire movies?  When you come up with pattern names like O-Neg, lol!  In art, a shape made from white space surrounded by darker is called negative space.  This pattern is an negative O shape.  More or less!

With the exception of my pattern 'O-Neg' all the patterns in this work are the brainchild of Flowerlady57.
The instructions to her patterns can be found at Freehand Doodle patterns and her art can be found at her Flickr site.


  1. Hi Sandra... you're amazing. I don't think you'll ever tire of Zentangle art! :) I haven't been doing much detailed work, trying to loosen up a bit. I truly miss you guys, I just realized how much time I was spending on Flickr and not enough time on art and family! Miss you! Rose

  2. It is true. I've been trying to watch how much time I spend online. You can get spend your life in front of the screen, lol!

    You've been missed! I hope you continue to drop in once in a while!