My tangle pattern: Quaternary

Here's the tangle Quaternary.  Not to be confused with Quatiny or Quatrinity, lol! Even I get low on names occasionally.

I've done more steps than usual.  The pattern isn't more difficult and doesn't have more steps than usual.  I'm just breaking down the steps into smaller bits. Still trying to come up with the best method of showing you how to do these.  Let me know if I'm improving or getting worse!

Tips:  Look at all the steps before beginning.
Practice a few times before using in a zen.  Preferably on graph paper (I certainly do).
Note the slant connecting the lines in step 2.  This is to make the circle easier to draw.
Note that as the boxes are added you are building the inside of the circle. Don't worry about getting them exactly right but let what you've built in preceding steps guide you.  This is an occasion to look back rather than forward!  * Trust the zen, Luke*
Don't repeat your practice Quaternary more than 3 times before taking a break.  You can train yourself to do it wrong if you keep doing it.  A break can help you realize what you are doing wrong.
Most important of al--ENJOY!