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Thursday, July 29, 2010

My tangle pattern: Uncherys

One of the things that I don't like about the way most people are taught drawing, in the beginning, is the focus on line.  You have to get a way into learning before anyone mentions that negative space--the white stuff between the lines.  It can be as important, if not more so than the lines are.  As you work on this pattern, try focusing on the white shape that is forming between your dark spaces.  It should be fairly uniform all around.  Take note of how the corners of your lines and triangles and half circles match up. 

If you learn to 'read between the lines' you'll notice when your tangle is getting out of balance.  You might be able to adjust to bring it back into balance, or decide to exaggerate and turn your knot into a animal balloon shape, or flower--the unexpected twist can be the best.  If you scroll below the pattern steps I've included a 'chart' of sorts.  It show Uncherys as a line drawing, a solid with no lines, and only the spaces with arrows to show how they line up.

Please, don't get hung up on making all the corners exactly in place.  Look at the guide before you try drawing, and then forget about it!

Remember-Close counts in horse shoes, hand grenades and zentangles!