New Links to Patterns by Linda Farmer and Donna Hornsby

If you haven't heard of Linda Farmer then you probably haven't visited  I hope my blog helps you find the new patterns just posted.  Linda Farmer has created an encyclopedia of pattern links with tags to make searching easy.  She's in the process of adding pictures of the finished patterns, so you'll recognize that exact one you were looking for.  Hers is the site you go to, if you are looking for a pattern you saw months ago.  It's the place you go if you want to see patterns by a specific person.  It's the place to go if you just want to wallow in vault of tangle patterns.  Her site's a massive project and one we zentangle addicts should all thank her for!

She has taken a break from posting the whereabouts of tangles patterns to create her first -- Zin.  It's lovely and fun, and will enhance any zentangle it graces.

While checking out Zin, I happened to notice directions to some of Donna Hornsby's patterns that I had missed. Thank you Linda.  I'll be looking through your posts for others I may have missed.  You can follow the links from Linda's site while you're checking out Zin, or if you've already seen Zin, then you can find Donna's instructions at her blog: DL_Sunray, DL_E-Klypse, DL_Nebula, and DL_Labyrinth.