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Monday, August 16, 2010

Link to lotsa tangle Patterns

Jane Monk has posted the instructions to her pattern 'Plaid'. It's gorgeous!

Jo Newsham has posted instructions to her pattern 'Limpitz'.  It's whimsical, but her example is beauty exemplified!

Cookie is a newcomer to Freehand Doodle patterns, but she's rapidly becoming one of the busiest!  She's posted her patterns:

Gigante Duster
Bad Air Day



  1. Hi, I am new to tangling, but have looked at Linda's list and at yours. Why are some of the patterns not shown or explained. I can't find Avreal anywhere. I am trying to practice each one to learn about doing them on a Zentangle tile.

  2. Gloria, Zentangle is a copy-righted method that was developed by Rick and Maria Thomas. They created over 100 tangles originally, and they also train people to be Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZTs). Only a few of the original tangles have ever been taught to the general public. You have to take the CZT training to get the steps to the others, or be taught by one of the trained CZTs. Avreal is one of the original 100 tangles.