My tangle pattern: Zopetto

I got the idea for Zopetto from an artichoke. The leaves seemed like little heart, which I thought would delight many of you. I thought about naming it something like Arti-hearty, but then I discovered the word Zopetto. It's the word for some kind of Italian limping dance. No relation to what  my tangle is, but I love the sound. And hearts mean love, right?

If anyone out there is like me and loves odd words, I found this awesome dictionary at the Phronistery website. It has other awesome word related stuff-the names of unusual animals, numeric stuff, 2 & 3 letter scrabble words. I could spend hours there! 


  1. Gabriel ProductionsAugust 16, 2010 at 8:28 PM

    Italian limping dance???? Oh my. I want to do a bad limerick with Gepetto and Zopetto...Lovely lovely tangle as always

  2. That was my first thought too. The only thing I could come up with...

    There once was a dad named Gepetto,
    Who loved to dance the Zopetto,
    But, untimely mischance,
    A bad twist while he danced,
    He was turned from a bass to falsetto.


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