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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Zakuska's not just for drawing. You can eat it too!

When I titled one of recent patterns 'Zakuska', I did know that it was the word for an hors d'œuvre, but I didn't know much beyond that.  

Imagine my delight when Ildiko, who lives in Romania, sent me a recipe!  It looks delicious!  I'd have to forego all but a little oil, but otherwise, this is a recipe I can and will use! 

For those who are like me (and need to look up 'Bain Marie'), a double-boiler is essentially a stove-top version of a Bain Marie. 

Ildiko is a talented zentangler as well as a cook.  She's just started a blog, Cukipok Doodles, for her zens.

Ildiko's recipe (Enjoy!):

the recipe is saying that we'll need:
10 grilled eggplants
30 pieces red pepper (chopped)
2 liter tomatoe juice(homemade would be great)
1 kg onion (chopped)
1 liter oil
salt(after your taste)

you frie the pepper then the onion in the oil than you add the tomatoe juice,eggplant and salt.stir it about 1 hour.put it while hot in glass jars and" bain marie" them 1 and half hour.

i put some newspaper at the bottom of container and also a cover it whit a lid.i hope it's understoodable :)