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Monday, September 27, 2010

Link to new patterns at Freehand Doodle Patterns

New member Wolfeyes62 has posted 9 new patterns, and SkinnyStrayCat has posted another.  Because of time constraints I'm going to just list the link to Freehand Doodle patterns--I'll try to come back and list them seperately when I'm able to work from home.

The pattern from SkinnyStrayCat is DraWave.

Wolfeyes62 has posted Shell-Wac, MI-Clouds-Wac, Stars'n'Stripes-Wac,Stand of trees-Wac, S-Hook Stringer-Wac, Iron Diamond-Wac, Bloody-Wac, Spider-Stringer-Wac, and Vampbite-Wac.

Such a bounty of goods!


  1. Wendy/Wolfeyes has been quite prolific before joining the Pool! Some beautiful stuff!
    Sorry to note that SkinnyStrayCat's images are no longer available for public view. I've enjoyed her work.

  2. Hi Molasses,
    What;s the word on your computer? What a pain!

  3. Maggiekat, nice to meet you! I wonder if you can't see my tangles? They are definitely available for public viewing. I have not put them on any kind of private setting.

  4. Weird! When I go to the site, there is nothing of yours visible in the thumbnails, and when I click your name in the "top contributors" list I get the message "there isn't anything by skinnystraycat visible to you. . ."
    I could see them a week ago? I'm not yet a member of this pool. Maybe that's my problem?
    Thanks for responding. I'm trying to "get out more."