My tangle pattern: Galatea

This is an easy pattern.  But it does bite.  There's a lot of depth here--some columns seem closer than others.  But when you start adding highlites, the depth may reverse on you.  You'll exclaim "Oh, Poodle!" but it's an illusion.  You didn't get it wrong.  Stop.  Then continue.  If you do get off count, don't worry.  When you fold cloth, the patterns don't always line up.  Your Galatea will seem more real for not matching perfectly.

I am in a mood today. my example a Zentangle or not?  There's sort of an ongoing question among ZT'ers.  At what point does a zentangle cease to be a zentangle and become something else?  

I drew strings with a micron, and then drew Fescu. Then Galatea. Then Bubbles & Quatiny variations.  I had a vague idea of turning my Bubbles into Nipa.  Color suddenly seemed desirable for the bubbles, so I grabbed some tombows and ended up coloring the page.  Little thought here--I know how my colors work together.  You follow steps just like you would with a pattern. Blue, then pink, then shades of yellow, ending up with the lightest last.  Then a darker blue in corners to make things pop.

So then sparkle took my fancy, and I grabbed up the gellyroll white and metallic gold.  I started drawing the tangle Eke, and doing asterisks and stippling, then smearing it all.  I even did some Cubine in the upper right corner and smeared it.

During this process of dotting and spotting and smearing, there was a big bang in my head (some people call this an idea, but to me it's a lot more exciting than that, lol!) 

I liked the way the color and texture were building up, and they seemed more interesting than the linework.  The color and texture had to dominate.  So I continued with my white and gold, going over most of the micron lines, sometimes dotting, sometimes covering, until the line mostly became pattern.

So there was impulse here, and decision.  I mostly laid down color or pattern, and my finger smeared it into shading and texture.  Other than thinking that I would use certain patterns, follow certain steps for adding color, and deciding to turn most of the lines into pattern--I don't feel I thought that much (but maybe that was too much).  After I finished, I was totally relaxed and refreshed.  I had absolutely no idea what my husband had been watching on the TV, and was surprised to find I had taken about an hour to do this.

So what do you think?  Whether it is a zentangle or isn't doesn't really matter in the end.  It's the exploration of the question that proves of interest.