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Monday, September 6, 2010

My tangle pattern: Jargoon

Certainly not an original idea, but I chose to draw it up for two reasons. It shows the power of repetition, and it's a good exercise for drawing circles (lol!).
Note in step two how I add the circles. They're harder to control, both in shape and size, so do them first. Those little diamond/cross things can easily be squeezed in, after.


  1. I love your tangles and really appreciate the work you have done to collect the pattern names and the authors.

    But I have a problem, and I hope you can help: I know that to provide links to the pattern list would be an unbelievably ardous task, but when I use search engines, I simply cannot find anything that shows what "floo" looks like (It either shows sites about Zentangles, but not floo, or it shows Harry Potter sites). A friend of mine and I have different ideas about what floo looks like, so a simple picture would be very helpful. Please?

  2. I can see where there might be confusion, because 'Floo' is a simple but very flexible tangle. It's one of the 20 tangles that comes with the zentangle kit, so I don't think the instructions have been posted online anywhere. Since it is part of the kit, I don't want to post the instructions myself, but I'll do up a zen that shows what it is.