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Saturday, September 11, 2010

My tangle pattern: Zwitterion

I'm using one of the basic design building blocks for this tangle, hence all the variations. Because the variations are endless.

Now go forth and variate!


  1. You have the (admittedly dubious) distinction of making my ten year old speechless. I went through your FlickR stream with him. "Isn't she amazing?" I asked.

    "You can't call that amazing," he said, "I don't have the word for it. It is so beautiful. Look at how she makes it 3D! Look at those colours!" He wanted to leave comments on all of them but I get bossed around enough without sitting here being his secretary all morning. "Learn to type," I told him. But thought I should tell you. He has always liked my digital work but has not been a big fan of my doodling. He told me, "some of your stuff is okay mom, but her stuff, wow!"

  2. Give your son a big thank you for the compliments, and thank you for passing them on.

    Remind him though, that I've been doing this stuff a long time. Drawing by hand requires more knowledge and practice than digital work, though both are creative. Your work will improve with time--just like his typing!