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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Links to tangle patterns "ExOh-WAC", "Honey-WAC" and "Foonesse"

Wolfeyes62 has posted instructions to two patterns, "ExOh-WAC" and "Honey-WAC".

And Blogger is, again, not allowing me to post today (though it worked just fine yesterday), so here's a link to my pattern "Foonesse", an example of the type of linework I use for this pattern, and to an example using Foonesse.


Am I the only one having Blogger problems?


  1. I am having troubles adding images .... I now add the images I want on my blog to my picasa album, and then add them to my blog through url ... Works a lot better. But you are right, Blogger is acting weird ;-)

  2. I can't get my URLs to show anything. I must not be using the correct HTML for Blogger. I even downloaded Firefox to see the image loader would work any better.

    Ah well. Good thing Flickr is working. *now worries that I may have hexed Flickr*

  3. Bummer- my work blocked flickr, so I'll either have to make out the patterns on my phone or wait until I get home.... Thanks for posting such awesome patterns!