Maybe. Possibly. Probably not.

So sometimes I think about writing a book and trying to get it published.  This is something I've thought about for years and years, well before I discovered zentangles.  I've tried a few stories, but I've never convinced myself that I actually want to wade into the treacherous waters of the publishing industry. 

Especially just for a little glory, and even littler money.  I've got freedom and lots of people to share my work with.  Who needs the publishing industry?

But still.  The idea persists, and lately, it's been persisting more than usual.  This iteration of lunacy has me dwelling on the idea of what would happen if a Humgruffin met a Humgriffin (look at those vowels!) in a zentangle-inspired illustrated novel.  Probably a kid's book.  Or maybe young adult.  Or just something very hard to market, lol!

These two are creatures spun wholly from my head, that I've used inmy  art and have written short (very short) stories about.  If interested you can see the art.  The humgruffin's story is there, but I'm not sure if I still have any of the Humgriffin stories anywhere online.

This is a quick sketch of a Humgriffin I'm considering for that book: 

The main reason I'm posting this is because I may be a little slower in posting new patterns.  I'm going to let my muse play with this idea for a while, without it being pulled away.  I'll do zens--probably with lotsa little humgriffins and humgruffins for practice, but not so much the tangle patterns.  Just in case the story pulls together. 

Though it will probably never happen.  Most likely not.

But ya never know.