My tangle pattern Zingiber

Why use a simple name when a fancy one will do? Zingiber is another word for Ginger.  But with a Z!  This design vaguely resembles the wild ginger plant, and that's good enough for me.

Shading can turn this into a 3D pattern easily.

You see this kind of repetition, often, in designs.  Official tangles 'Tidal' and 'Man-o-man' make use of it.  Several of my tangles make use of it.  Pick up a daisy and you'll see it. 

You create a center-the diamond in this case.  You repeat an element that goes around the center, such as this teardrop with a swirl.  And then repeat that element, sometimes slightly changed, sometimes not.  You keep repeating it round and round.

This is a way to create your own adhoc patterns.  Use any center shape, and any repeating element that fits to the center.