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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My tangle pattern "Cursive"

I'm not sure where this tangle came from.  Or the artwork either.  My brain was picking up vibes from somewhere odd.  Maybe it has something to do with the fact that tomorrow will be my last day of work until I find another job.  I'm a casualty of the poor economy, and feeling a bit wounded at the moment.  

Overall, I'm actually very excited.  I've disliked my job for quite some time, but been close enough to retirement that I didn't want to start over elsewhere.  Now, I've got the excuse to start over.   Still.  For today, I'm blue.


  1. A cyberhug for the blues. I do hope you find yourself on the cusp of a new adventure. Having said that, and hoping the best for the future, it is understandable that you are down right now. I have no advice whatsoever, just know that a good novel and snuggly blanket and some indulgence (usually Werther's original caramel candies) have come to my first aid on many an occasion and have nursed me through until I feel some healing.

  2. oops, sorry, I meant to add your blog and patterns have been a steady source of inspiration and support and I want to thank you for all the work with the blog.

  3. very hot... though it tooks my imagination to an open wound and keeps fixing my eye to the reddest point in the middle...your "cursive" is vibrating forgotten melodies...congrats!!!

  4. Thank you.

    Truthfully, I more happy than sad about the change. Right now, I'm not sure exactly how my life will change, and it's the uncertainty that makes my stomach flutter. I will miss certain people, but I will stay in touch with the ones that count. I hope the Werthers are always there for you, when you need them!

    Kim, I know you're facing changes much more daunting than my own. I think it's wonderful that you still have compassion to share for others. But it's also what will keep you strong.

  5. A strong,vibrant drawing! Loads of energy here!!Can you send some over the airwaves to me!!

  6. wow, this is amazing... just browsing google for some patterns and stumbled on this. great find!