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Saturday, December 4, 2010

My tangle pattern "Mulberry"

"Here we go round the mulberry bush..."  I'm probably aging myself with the lyrics to that song, lol.  Do children still sing it?

While I was working on this tangle, the song popped into my head, because I had trouble doing the steps until I fell into a rhythm--go round the square drawing the rectangles.  Then go round the square connecting them, and then go round again completing the connecting rectangles.  And when working a grid, you go around the grid connecting the squares.  So the name 'Mulberry' seemed appropriate.


  1. This one is marvellous – I just can´t stop looking at it!

  2. You have the most incredable gift of shading! Well done, my friend,
    well done indeed.

  3. I like how you featured Mulberry with various amounts of background - from white to black. Besides your gift for shading, mentioned above, you combine your straight patterns with just the right amount of curly ones in really eye catching designs! I'm a fan!!

  4. This one reminds me of a close up view of the weave of linen. I love your work!

  5. So beautiful!!! This reminds me of a nice, warm & cozy quilt. :)