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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Check out this new journal

While in Mt. Dora, I picked up a new journal "It's All Secretly Perfect".   I needed another journal like I need another hole in my head...but...I love this journal. It's recycled paper of cardstock thickness. Very smooth, but not slick. Even though the cover is hardback, the pages lie very flat. The only drawback is that the words archival or lignin-free don't appear anywhere, so the paper may eventually turn yellow.

I paid $25 dollars and feel it is totally worth it, but when I went to the web-site to check out the specs I found it was on sale for $11.00 (+ S&H).

Reversible- Choose your own cover

120 Blank pages

Ultra thick, multi-use paper

Satin ribbon bookmark

10" x 7"x1.25"


  1. Oh...I love it Sandra ! As a fellow Journal Holic... I too have added journals that do not appear to be acid free,etc. I do love the ones made of recylced papers and covers. I am on a learning mission ! I am working on making my own journal. From cover to binding it! Woo hoo !! I have found some awesome teachers while doing the Sketchbook Challenge. I'll post a pic when I finish the journal ! lol !! Love ,love your tangles !!! Hugs my friend... Rosie

  2. Wow! I've often thought about trying to make my own journal and I probably will eventually. I keep coming up with other things to do, though! To many ideas, not enough time!

    Be sure to post lost of pictures. I want to see what you're doing.