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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Laura Harms "Weekly challenge #6"-My attempt

Not sure I got this done in time, but I thought I'd post it anyway.  Challenge No 6 was to use the latest official tangle "Ixorus".


  1. I love your style.....and I am glad you are back though far behind!

  2. it does matter that you've made it!we wait patiently! it worths!jewelry !!!

  3. Love it!
    The sperms made me laugh. Or are they ment to be balloons raising up into the sky?
    There´s so much to detect – I will keep on sitting here and just looking at it :-) .

  4. It was worth waiting for, beautiful as always.

  5. Lots of energy and movement throughout; your Ixorus has graceful energy.

  6. A very cool piece - very effective.

  7. Oh wow, Sandra! There's always so much to look at in your artwork. And your pen shading, as always, is intricately delicious!! Beautiful. ♥ it.