Link to tangle pattern "Coil" and an apology

I've updated my list of tangle patterns so be sure to check it out.

One of the reasons for this post is to apologize to Sue Jacobs.  Sometimes I get behind in adding tangles to my Access database, and then I don't remember all that have been posted.  Her tangle "Coil" was one I forgot.  I will forget to add tangles or link to them occasionally (hopefully, only occasionally), but it was her first tangle pattern, which makes it special.  I did link to Coil last year, but I link here again, just to make sure people have a chance to find it.

The other reason I post this post is to ask that people let me know if I have overlooked their tangle patterns,  Whether I didn't link it, or forgot to add it to the list, please, please let me know.  It will make my job easier, and I want my list to be as complete as possible.

If you know of any tangle pattern I've missed, not just your own, please let me know.  The pattern doesn't even have to be posted online.  My list is meant for people to know what tangle names have been used as well as to know what patterns are out there.

You can email me at, if you have any information concerning lost or missing tangle patterns.  I want all tangles to find good homes.  Lol!