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Friday, January 28, 2011

Link to tangles "Diamond Panes" and "Droplets"

I wasn’t able to get onto the internet while I was gone (my worst fears realized!), and lots has occurred since I was gone.

Suzanne McNeil posted instructions to Droplets and Margaret Bremner has put instructions for a bargello type design, Diamond Panes.

Mel, aka Lone Creature, has done a webcast of my pattern Zapateado . While you are there check out the many pencasts she’s done of her own patterns, as well as those by many others. She’s got a veritable treasure chest of tangles!

Laura Harms issued her sixth weekly challenge Using Ixorus. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to get in on that one myself.


  1. Thankyou so much for posting links to new tangles, its my window to the outside world!!!! and you make it so accessible for anyone to get to xxx its a great place to come xxxx

  2. I can remember what it was like (not that long ago, lol!) when I first got into zentangles and was desperately searching for information and new tangles. I'm glad to help those who create the patterns match up with those who want to draw them!

  3. There's something wrong with the link to get to "Diamond Panes" instructions unless it's my computer since I'm at work.

  4. Thanks, Andrea. Somehow I managed to combine the links for Droplets and Diamond Panes. Sometimes I amaze myself with how talented I am when it comes to mistakes, lol!