Tangle links-Nipa,Foreign Currency, Hatchetee

Yoho!  I'm back from Mt. Dora, Florida (what a sweet little town).  My brother's seminar was fascinating, though I had to miss much of it, as I was there to help.  I've never made so many pots of coffee in my life, lol!

Unfortunately, there was a bad cold/flu thing going around that hit both my brother and his wife.  I lucked out while I was there, but it has hit me now.  I'm not sure how much I'll be online this week and the week-end.  I'll be going to the Oregon Coast on Sunday.  I think I'll be online (though the wi fi at the hotel has always been poor) but I won't be able to scan my artwork.

Meanwhile, this week has been a busy one for zentanglers!

Suzanne McNeil has posted instructions to the official tangle Nipa, and also has a link to a zentangle YouTube video.

Claudia Ibjen (aka Claudia's Paper Craft's) has posted instructions to two of her patterns, Foreign Currency and Hatchetee.

Andrea Shuman (aka Cookie's Crafts) has posted revised instructions to her pattern Pickit Fintz.

Ildiko has posted instructions to her pattern Malluh, as well as variations here and here.