Link to tangle pattern "Sparks"-my 200th pattern

Another pattern using the "sparks" I learned from studying Maria Thomas' zentangles.

The actual pattern is two solid lines, then two broken lines. I've found it works very well in a funnel shape and have used that here, but you could put Sparks into any shapes-circles or squares or even just random shapes.

If you want to stir things up, pretend you are playing SOS. The code I have here is 2 solid, 2 broken, repeated over and over. Change the number of lines and see what happens. See what happens with 3 solid , 3 broken repeated. See what happens with 2 solid, 4 broken repeated. See what happens with

2 solid, 2 broken alternated with 3 solid, 3 broken.

Closely spaced lines make the sparks 'sparkle' more, but are harder to control. The longer your lines, the harder they are to control. Another way to vary the looks is to alternate how closely the lines are spaced. You can create a striping effect, by alternating the space at regular intervals.