Link to tangle patterns "Square Dance", "Artoo" and Laura Harm's Weekly Challenge

Laura Harms', aka I am the Diva, challenge #9 and her new tangle pattern Artoo, are one the same!  She challenges everyone to use her new pattern in a Zentangle.  Great fun!

For another dose of elegance from S_J_60010, aka Sue Jacobs, check out her new pattern, Square Dance.  It's a beauty.
For other news, my dental implants went well.  The procedure only took about an hour and half and I've had less pain then I've had with a root canal.  On the other hand, I've still got a little bleeding (just a little) which I shouldn't, so I've been told to stay down as much as possible.  I had to check in on everyone-had to-but I'll be out the rest of the day.
Keep tangling!