Review of "Time to Tangle with Colors" by Marie Browning

Time to Tangle with Colors

About the Book

CZT, Marie Browning, has written a book that successfully combines theory and technique.  The beginner will revel in this book, and the experienced user will enjoy the artwork, and generous heaping of new tangles. There are 48 tangles in all, though many are border variations of another tangle. The artwork is done with Tombow dual brush pens, colored pencil, gel pen and micron pigma pen.

The book starts out explaining color theory, and then pen and pencil techniques.  In the tangle section, the author presents us with a glorious cascade of  examples and projects, briefly explaining technique and theory used for each. 
Size: 8.5 x 8.5
Pages: 52 pages, including covers
Portability: Too large for most purses, but it would fit into a PeeChee folder or briefcase.
What's in the book: Using Tombow Brush pens-direct & indirect coloring. Borders. Color Basics. Color Schemes. Splash Backgrounds. Mask & Spray Technique. Mask & Spray Technique with Alphabet Stickers. Stamped Image Technique. Colored Pencil Technique. Sparkle Gel Pens Technique.  Splash Background and Gel Pen Technique. Time to Tangle. Fractal Shapes. Scrapbook Pages.  Greeting Cards. Trees & Landscapes. Photo Frames. Tangled Images.  Index of Tangles.  Friendship Card.
Tangles: Knightsbridge,  Knightsbridge border, Knight's Tri, Knight's Tri Border, Knight's Cross, Sag, Sag Border, Strike, Strike Border, Feagle, Feagle Border, Vernazz, Skistel, Skistel Border, Mod Box, Inlay, Cadent, Cadent Border, Cubine, Squish, Squish Border, Germie, Cadent Swirl, Cadent Swirl Border, Scroll, Cadent Cross, Nzeppel, Nzeppel Border, Astro, Astro Border, Tri Cube, Terratile, Square Grid, Square Grid Border, Stishes, Stishes Border, Celluline, Fractal Fern, Fractal Tree, Knight's Branch, Basilica, Basilica Border, Cadent Grid, Cadent Grid Border, Pompeii,Cellu, Jester, Jester Border.