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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Shade, Shape, Blend Color & Add Texture

Linda Farmer, at Tanglepatterns.com, has posted a write-up I did on how to use the overlapping that occurs when coloring with pens.  It's most easily done with squirkling, but can also be used with straight lines, cross-hatching and other methods of line work. 

It's short, it's easy, and I hope you find it helpful!


  1. Oh, goody!! I'm going to play with this tomorrow (and also with Jo's "shine" tutorial). It's 'art night Thursday' for me tomorrow (a whole, luxurious, divine evening of red wine and tangling with my friend, Christine... is red wine 'Zen,' do you think?! [grin])

  2. P.S. if I end up with a Shady, Shapy, Blendy Colorific, Textured, Shiny... and what the heck... Ribbony piece of ZIA, I'll send you a pic. [LOL] Hugs and goodnight from Australia! xoxo

  3. Oh, red wine is definitely zen--unless you have a sulfite sensitivity.

    Yes, please! I'd love a shady, shapy, blendy colorific, textured, shiny pic. I'll post it here so people can see what you've done!

  4. THANK YOU!!
    Your post is so helpful – and the link to DRAWSPACE is awesome. If you´ll miss me the next days I might be there ;-) .

  5. I've only just discovered Zentangling and Zendoodling. I know.. ask me which planet I was on all this while. I so love your blog and the beauty about it, is that you have incorporated ideas from Zentangle into your designs,yet you have still managed to make them all your own by adding your creative ideas and of course talent into all of them. I think they are mind blowing.