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Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Challenge #8 - my 2nd attempt

I wasn't too happy with my heart for Laura's weekly challenge #8.  I felt Artoo deserved something better.  The colors on this scanned in more orange than they actually are, but at least the style feels more me than the first one did.  This time I used Breath and Orbs. 

I'm using my tangle"Thoofen", Margaret Bremner's "Zedbra", and Neil Burley's "Mulhouse Border".


  1. Gorgeous, Sandra!! Very high "wow" factor. ;-)

  2. Wow, this is spectacular. Your colors are so rich. Did you do all with colored pencils?

  3. So ornately beautiful......I just love the dimensional effect of all your works but this one is even more tangible than even the ones I have loved the most. Your coloring is fantabulous!

  4. Rich with love. I especially like the little orbs floating around.

  5. Exceptional! Very beautiful and filled with healing purpose...