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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Anyone interested in a List of Names?

I have the worst memory for names.  I find that I spend a lot of time scouring through blogs, and profiles, and old emails trying to find someone's name before crediting them or emailing them.  And I'm often surprised when I discover that my friend, Whosit, on Flickr, turns out to also be my friend, Whatsit, on her blog.

Listkeeper that I am, I've started up a spreadsheet (gotta love those spreadsheets) where I'm keeping a list of names, but it occurred to me that other people might be interested in something like that.  So I'm thinking about starting a sort of Who's Who and Where blog page.  The page wouldn't be fancy, because I'm a klutz at computerese, but it'd be updated fairly regularly.  Anyone interested?

Now, not everyone wants their name pasted for all to see, so no one will be added to this list unless they ask to be.  So if you want to be listed, just me the information here or email me lifeImitatesDoodles@gmail.com).  Please give me all the info you want listed, such as First name, Last Name, Flickr Name, Blogname.  If you are a CZT, or have an etsy shop, etc., let me know and I'll include that too.

Once I've got 10 names, I'll start up the list.  If I don't get at least 10 names, I'll figure there isn't really much interest.


  1. Just sent you an e-mail with my info.

  2. i think it's a fabulous idea! i can't remember squat anymore and like you have to go digging through google reader, old emails and blog posts looking up names & contacts... ugh!!

  3. Sherri, would you like to be added?

  4. Cool idea, Sandra! I know what you mean about remembering who is who and what someone's real name is... it's overwhelming. So glad you like to make lists!

  5. Yes, we have the same problem, so I think it is a great idea. I would like to take part. But a proposal: make a list on your blog which everybody follows, so you don't have to organize every entrance by hand.
    Better would be a form sheet that puts the information autamtically into your list. May be somebody is good enough with computer to give you some help with it.
    I am going to send you a mail with my informations.

  6. What a Great idea. I'm sending you my info. I think this will be really useful for so many people.
    Thank you.

  7. Wonderful idea! This will be a really useful list! Thank You

  8. I'd like to be added. I'm Estelle Goodnight and I'll be taking the CZT training in May.

  9. Email sent! I've included everything I can think of that I'm happy to have included... as well as Facebook profile (personal and my Artist page) - since there are quite a few of us on Facebook now and, though it's easy enough to look people up by name (we've all pretty much got 'mutual friends' now anyway), we don't always know what each other's "artist" or "professional" Facebook pages are. :-)