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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Link to 5 tangle patterns-"Westeye", "Acgt", "Pinho", "OWO", and "Queen of Hearts"

Mafê Mavromati has posted 5 beautiful new patterns:  "Westeye", "Acgt", "Pinho", "OWO", and "Queen of Hearts". 


  1. Thank you very much Molossus for posting about my tangles! I´m a newby in Zentangles, actualy I used to doodle a lot, but didn´t know that ths kind of art already had a name! Here in Brasil, few people know about it, so I decided to start a blog called Tangle Brasil to share this beutiful art here. I already bookmarkrd your blog and I am always here getting your news!

  2. As always, THANK YOU! (hug)....off to work but wil be tangling tonight....

  3. and the list is growin',lol...thanks!
    today i rewieved you list again,all numbers were generated by my son,hehe...but i had no luck.all five nr.were Sandy Bartholomew's and couldn't find them.i think they are in her new book...

  4. Not all of the tangles on my list are available to the general public. The steps to some of the official tangles are only known to CZTs, and some CZT tangles are only taught to their students. But I list them, so people who create tangles will know the names that have been used. Of course, it still helps everyone else find the tangles that are findable!