Link to review of Lama Li Passport Journal

I happened on this review of Lama Li Passport Journals at All My Hues, and thought many of you might find it of interest.  The reviewer, Tejal also has reviews on inks and pens and pencils, so it's a site you might want to spend some time with.

If you decide to order a LamaLi journal, be sure you know which one you are getting.  They vary considerably, and you may be disappointed if you are expecting one and get another one. 

They are all made with handmade paper from the Lokta shrub, but the thickness and tooth is quite different. 

The Passport Journal-softcover, thin but tough paper.  Some shadowing on the back with heavy or wet ink, but no bleed through.  About 30 pages.  See Tejal's wonderful review for more information on this particular type. 

The Flower journal-almost the same as the Passport but it has a hardcover.  It doesn't lie flat.

The Travel Journal-softcover, but thicker and awesome looking.  The paper is problematical.  It looks like newsprint but is tougher.  The bleed through is considerable.  This is meant to be a larger journal that you can carry anywhere because it is so-o-o light, but is mostly suitable for quick sketching.  I mostly use gel pens in mine, and I use it as the journal where I draw up samples of tangles.

The Thick journal--Hardcover.  It looks and feels like an old, old book that is inexplicably blank.  The paper has a strong grain, and lots of knots.  The manager at the Art Media store says it has character, and that describes it well.  You can get some cool effects, but you'll have to learn how to use the paper.  Not for the beginner or casual user.

There are other types of Lama Lis, but these are all I've used.  I hope to get at least one of each, but I'll buy them without expectation, and let the journal tell me how it wants to be used.