More on List of Who's Who

Re: the list of Who's Who, after considerable dinking around yesterday, and observing the type of information that I was getting from people, it occurred to me that it might be easier to start a blog, just for this list.  I did, entering only my name for now. 

Who's Where in Zentangle

Before I go much further I wanted a little input.  Can anyone see a reason why this isn't a good idea? 

My reasoning:
It won't be as difficult to find as a list on my LifeImitatesDoodles Blog.
Each person would have their own post.  They can have as much or as little info as they like.
I can add a search function so people can easily look for a specific person.
I could add tags if people want, like CZT or ETSY so people could look for people with that designation.  (People will have to ask for the tags they want).
I can paste what people send me, directly into the blog instead of typing it up.
If there is a correction or question people can comment under the person's name.
I won't be limited to straight text without formatting or having to learn a bunch of new stuff just to get started.

I did put Zentangle in the title, though I'm not going to be a gorilla about whether people do much zentangling.  I just don't want to end having the entire world decide to post their names here, lol.

If there is something I didn't think about that makes this a bad idea, please let me know.  If I don't hear any nays, I'll set this up something next week.