Who's Where in Zentangle

Okay.  I think I'm about ready to start adding people to the "Who's Where in Zentangle" blog, unless I hear something compelling about a reason not to do this within the next day or so.  (Lol!  Don't I sound decisive?  "I think...", "Unless..."  Always hedge your bets.  That's my philosophy!).

I've created a page at the site, called "Start Here".  You'll find it to the right, and it has a list of the information that I think would be pertinent without being too much info.  People can copy the list, fill in the info, and email to me.  I've set up an email just for this: WhoWhereZentangle@gmail.com.

It would be nice to have this set up with links and emails, but I think it would be dangerous too, due to the spammers and info harvesters of the world, so I'm asking people to format their emails a certain way, and I'm not going set up links.  However, I will be cutting and pasting directly from the emails, so what you send is what will be posted.

If you've already sent me info and are happy with what you sent, I'll use it and just plug in the pertinent information.  If you want changes to what you've sent, let me know.