Julie O'Kama's blog & New Supply Company-Poppin

Julie O'kami has a blog, Whatever, that I've been haunting lately (though I've been bad and do not comment as often as I should).  It's full of reviews, links and the occasional giveaway (I admit it.  I discovered the blog by following the scent of a giveaway, lol).  It's a great blog, and if you are like me, a lover of art and office supplies, you need this blog!

Today's blog post introduces a new office supply, Poppin (I won't supply the link, because you should visit Julie's blog) that isn't fully launched, but promises to be interesting.  At the end of Julie's post she has a link that allows you to be invited as a customer to Poppin.  They state you would be disappointed if you accept the invitation, so, of course, I did!