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Monday, April 18, 2011

My attempt at Weekly Challenge #18

This week's challenge from Laura Harms' was Easter-inspired. She asks us to draw and tangle an egg.    So I did, and I made them extra bold and bright so they'd be easy to find,lol!


  1. How Lovely and unexpected. Your color is beautiful, as usual.

  2. That's knot an egg! :D
    (Sorry... can't resist puns.)
    (And it didn't work in French, or I would've written ""Ceci n'est pas une oeuf" ...which would've been cool on so many levels!)

  3. Love these EGGcellent colours - so very EGGciting! *G*

  4. I love that they are 'easy to find'. Beautiful!

  5. Beautiful. I imagine the complexity of the knot reflects the complexity that is an egg...
    Sorry, didn't mean to get all Eggsestential...

  6. Lovely bold eggs! I like the knot too.