Bleedthrumanade for the third Wednesday in June

Got lemons, make lemonade.  Got marker bleed-thru, make bleedthrumanade.
My Ingredients: Letraset Promarkers; Letraset Fineliner 0.5; Faber-Castell Big Brush; White Pentel Sunburst Gel Pen; Micron Pigma .005; Paperblanks  journal.
(Feel free to use any ingredients you have on hand.  You just need markers or pens, and paper, that will leave color on the back of the page when you apply it to the front).

This is also my attempt at the Weekly Challenge #26: String Theory III-Spiral.

You may be wondering about those bubbles, since I did them a little differently than usual.  The ribbony effect of the color made me think of the tangle pattern NIPA.  I hadn't intended to make it the only tangle, but when I started my circles I realized that the ribbony strips made such a strong background, that I could create a bubble effect with the white gel pen.  I added the ink in a few lines that started just off-center, curving slightly and going toward the outline of the bubble. I smeared them immediately.   Then I rotated the page a bit, and added more lines, smeared the ink, and rotated.  I did this until the bubble was complete.  I  went on to add the Nipa lines on the rest of the page, and do the shading.  Then I went back to the bubbles and added more white ink to create the highlight.

This method would only work on a darker, and highly colored background.