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Monday, June 13, 2011

Google Chrome-I don't have the blogger comment problems

I've been using Google Chrome for a couple of weeks, and I've discovered that I can comment on my blogs and on those of others without any problem.  When I go back to Internet Explorer, it's still hit or miss.  Mostly miss.


  1. i was having all these same issues with my blogger blog.. i have since moved it to self-hosted wordpress....no problems...

    except that google didn't play nice during the move...they are still sending stupid little glitches my way but it's coming to an end....

    i decided to move after lost posts, lost comments, lost pictures, inability to leave/receive comments, and inability to access my own blog when i wanted to....

  2. I've been using Google Chrome for over a year and haven't had the comments problem that so many have had. Knock on wood.