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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hmmm. Inquiring minds want to know

A little over a month ago, I bought my husband a Foo dog statue off Ebay, as an early birthday present for my husband.  The seller indicated that the Foo dog represented prosperity and financial fortune.

I won my first contest the day that the statue arrived.  I've won a total of 10 contests since then.

Coincidence?  Probably, but I'm keeping the Foo Dog around (and he gets petted everyday, lol!)


  1. What is a Foo Dog and where do I find one? ha ha

    I thought that I was lucky after winning 3 contests.


  2. I added a photo of the statue. Foo Dogs (I think Fu Dog is the original spelling) are those Chinese guardian statues that you often see that look a lot like lions.

    I'm not truly sure this really is one or that the seller was correct in what she said about them. But I'm not complaining, lol!!!

  3. I think you have a Sharpei Dog statue - - - but a very lucky one, nonetheless!