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Saturday, June 11, 2011

My tangle patterns Nootka and Tubidect

A few of my patterns are hard to find--a couple that even I can't find anymore.  Moon Attic asked me about Fatzkat, Jubere, Nootka, and Tubidect.  I know that all of these were originally posted with other patterns.  I was able to find Nootka and Tubidect.  Fatzkatz, I remember (though I can't remember the exact steps), and Jubere I can't remember for sure.  I'll look around and see if I can find my hand drawings.


  1. I did not have this one in my stash and am best pleased to learn it! This is delicious whether you add the aura around the inner segments or not (and the 3D shading on the finished example is brilliant, so easy to follow). Gee, I sound like a fangirl.

  2. Thank you! I don't mind having Fangirls! *fluffs hair* It's good for my vanity, lol!

    On the other hand, keeping me humble, I see that I didn't fix the error I made when I posted last night. I corrected step 3, so if you were were wondering where that strike-out line came from or how it was used--it's gone now.

    I just hope I can find the drawings for the other two. Fatzkatz I remember doing as a request for a cat, but I can't rememember the details about Jubere at all. Maybe I never actually posted it. I do have tangles 'in reserve' as it were. I'll get on a roll, and do several, intending to post them, but then I create others I like better, and keep pushing back the posts. If, later, someone else comes up with the same or very similar pattern I delete mine. Maybe that happened with Jubere.

  3. Went through your flickr gallery to see if it was there. No luck. And I don't have any of these in my folder, so doesn't seem I can help you find them too easily.