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Monday, June 13, 2011

Question about converting JPGs to PDFs

I'd like to be able to convert JPGs to PDFs, but not enough to buy a product to do it.  (I'm not sure how much I would use this, so I want to try before or I buy).  I know there are places online that allow you to do this, but I worry that I might be including some unwanted cookies or viruses that way.

Is there a good, safe, free converter out there that doesn't leave a watermark?


  1. are you using a pc or a mac?

  2. Do you have the ability to create a pdf from a Word document? If so, you could put the jpg into the word doc and save it as a pdf. I know on Macs that you can save pretty much anything with its native 'preview' program. There are also a number of pdf convert free software programs and if you google those, you can read which ones are 'safe'..

  3. Someone suggested Open Office. I googled it and it looks pretty good, so I've downloaded it. I may even switch over some of my Word documents, because I have a lot of problems with Word hanging my PC.

    The drawing program isn't tremendous, but it does more than paint and allows an export to PDF, so I think this will work.

    Thank you, Sadelle.

  4. Open Office is every bit as good as word & can also handle any word doc. as well or you might try the gimp a free photoshop like program ...both are open source & VERY trust-worthy.. or you can go to opensource.org & 'shop' around there..majority are free created by a very lg community of programmers...

  5. Absolutely.. The Gimp is a great Photoshop substitute, though takes a bit of getting used to. You should also be able to export those images to pdf as well.

  6. My dad told me a really good tip the other day. I never knew you could PDF from publisher but there you go.

    Anyway the programme publisher which comes with some microsoft office discs can export to PDF. I've been using it to make business cards atm and then emailing them to my dad that way as it doesn't get shrunk through hotmail that way like jpgs do. Also means you can put lots of images together.

    I also have Photoshop which can make PDF but it is quite slow on both computer and laptop so I now try to use other programmes.