A Sad Tale of Watercolor Pencils & Frisket

Woe!!!  I decided to combine experiments.  Always a sure recipe for disaster.
I'd bought some Derwent Metallic Watercolor pencils (I'll be talking about them more in a few days), and some liquid frisket, intending to create some fabulous works with masking effects and shimmering color.  Here's your clue for anticipation:  I didn't read the warning about frisket and wet paper.
I grabbed my moleskine journal and cleverly drizzled the frisket here and there.  I let the frisket dry completely--I'm no fool!  Then I laid down some beautiful squirkles of metallic color, and transformed it into a wash using my hand--a sophisticated adult version of finger painting.
At this point, I eagerly began to peel away the frisket.
You've been anticipating this haven't you?  Peeling the frisket away from wet paper results in shredded paper.  Shredded!  
Oh, I did manage to keep from tearing completely through the paper, but it's mighty thin in some places, lol!  So, I did one of my trademark saves.  The shredded areas had sort of mixed media look (shredded is a media, isn't it?), so I-carefully-added more color with the metallic pencils, and then tangled with my Pentel Pocket brush pen.  I'm not displeased.
For some reason this kind of background always makes me want to doodle people.  Can you find the indignant woman, the emo teen-ager, and the guy, who's obviously been eating  berry pie?