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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Link: Sample Daniel Smith colors & Watercolor ground-$2.99 + Free Shipping

Ooh!  I really want to try this.  I've been wondering how much paint you get with the try-it dots.  Augh!  I wasn't going to buy absolutely nuttin' for weeks and weeks.  But for $2.99 and free shipping.  I'm so bad!!!!  I bought it!



  1. You are a very bad influence! I had to buy one too!

  2. *hangs head* I'm a scamp, lol! Really, though, this is such a good deal!

  3. Waterground ground is a medium that you can paint on various surfaces to give it a 'watercolor paper' surface. So you could do watercolors on wood or metal, or probably even non-watercolor paper. I've never used it but have wanted to.

  4. Thanks Sandra, they got my money too :-)