Thursday, August 11, 2011

Link: Win a hard drive case for your zentangle supplies

Erin asked to post about her giveaway at Bright Owl.  She is giving away a hard drive case with an attached charm--perfect for carrying your zentangle supplies.

I'm sorry to be away so long.  Hubby's surgery went well, but one eye is not healing properly.  He can't shut it, and it's getting too dry.  He's so photo sensitive, that the glare from the PC screen hurts and it sits in the only room with a bed, so that means I just can't get on much.  I miss you all!

Digital Girl Saved in Negative #MixedMedia #Rhodiarama #ArtJournal

Lately, I've been posting some of my 'save's.  These are journal pages that I've used for practice and to make them nicer, I...