Warning! Craft Warehouse-Clearance Sale...need I say more?

I didn't win this--I bought it!

I walked into Craft Warehouse looking for a 12-color set of Koi Watercolor that I intend to give as a gift.  There weren't any, but then I saw the word 'CLEARANCE'.

There is no siren song sweeter, and I floated toward the sign, snared and helpless.

There were Studio G stamps for 10 cents apiece!  10 cents!  There were Unity Stamps (big 'uns 4, 5 inches) for $3 & $5. There were stamps for Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentines, and St. Patrick's Day.  There were birdcages, flowers, sayings, seasons, greetings...oh my golly goodness.  I wasn't sure I would ever get through them all.  For a while, I had the feeling I was trapped, and wasn't sure I'd ever escape until I looked at every one.

They had scrapbook paper, both new and slightly used.  I picked up an awesome pad with a Wizard of OZ theme.

Besides the new stuff on clearance, the store was getting rid of product they had used for projects.  Smooch Spritz and Smooch Accent Inks that normally sold for $4.95 a piece was being sold, slightly used, five for $5.  I've been eyeing those, and this was my chance!  Now I have to learn how to use it, lol!

There were La Plume and Galaxy Marker pens. Proudly, I can tell you I resisted these.  It had nothing to do with having already picked up enough to empty my wallet.

There should be a law.  Clearance sales are an unfair advantage on the consumer.  If they were selling holes in the head, I'd be driven to buy one or two of those too!