Dynamic Pages View on Blogger-The New Look Revisited

I'm trying out Blogger's new Dynamic Pages.  Some of you will get a screen telling you that you don't have a modern browser.  Click on the Non-dynamic choice and you'll be taken to my last setup (of course, you probably already did that, or you wouldn't be here, lol).

Dynamic Pages--you can change the way you view my blog.  Where it says 'Flipcard', click the little down arrow, and you have a choice of views.  Play around.  There's some  interesting ways to view, and finding older posts will be a lot easier.

I like this new look, but there are some obvious flaws.  There isn't really a place for blinkies, widgets or GFC connect.  You don't really need the archive because the viewing choices display it better, but I do like having a list of interesting links.

So, I've set my sticky Pages to be on the top bar, and I've made a page for some of the blinkies I used to have, and for the links of interest, so I don't get the images showing unless you open the page, but at least I still have some reference.

I may yet go back, and wait for this option to be enriched.  I don't have the HTML skills to make it hum the way I'd like.  But it's fun to be kind of cutting edge, lol!  I'm going to leave it this way for a week or so.  Don't hesitate to let me know what you think, or if you have trouble.

We'll see what happens.