My Tangle Pattern F8D

I said I had come up with 4 tangle patterns after I started playing in my new Rhodia Webplanner.  This isn't the fourth.  I actually came up with this one this afternoon while playing Yahtzee with my mother.  So I've got another yet to come.
My scanner totally ignored the Tea Green, and barely picked up the Gray Green Promarker.  *shakes head* Yet other times, those colors scan perfectly.  It's got to be gremlins, I tell ya!
F8D (pronounced Fated)
All sorts of way to vary this one by filling in centers or curving the 8's in different directions. Most of the 8's should be on top  of the original line, with a few underneath peeking out, like they are under a blanket.  You could also put the 8's on the bottom instead with a only a few on top.